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Immunity Booster Herbs
Fresh amla, gooseberry can be purchased in bulk quantity from us. This edible fruit can be consumed in so many forms, from boiled, fried to candy and murabba. 

Natural Herbs
In the natural herbs’ category, we have in store withania somnifera root that is used in Ayurvedic medicines. Also called as ashwagandha, this herb is good for reducing stress, anxiety, blood sugar level, depression, etc.
Ayurvedic Product
In the Ayurvedic products category, we have included psyllium husk in the powdered form. This can be consumed with water or milk, depending upon the condition to be treated. It is good for helping with digestive problems. 
Herbal Products
In the herbal products category, we currently have moringa leaves, seeds and powder. All forms are available under one roof; customers can order whichever form of moringa they require
Spices Powder
Spices powder are highly demanded in the global market, as these are the essential ingredients that are added to different cuisines from different parts of the world to enhance the flavour and color. 
Agriculture Seeds
In our range of agriculture seeds, we have all edible seeds which are beneficial for the human health. People must follow the instructions to consume any of the agriculture seeds offered by us. 

Dried Bitter Gourd
Bitter gourd is a vegetable that is a bitter in taste and therefore recommended to be consumed by diabetics. The phosphorus rich vegetable is washed, dried, cut and then dehydrated to supply dried bitter gourd to customers. 

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